Monday, August 20, 2007

A Nation's cry

It seems we have lost whatever respect we had for the the national anthemYesterday i went to see "Chak De India" and there was a moment in the movie when the national anthem tune is played for couple of secondsand no one stood up except me and frnds of mine.If this is what is left of the values that we were taught then better not include the national anthem in the movies and in advertisements.
As an indian i felt bad that no one in the whole theatre stood up..Aping the west has been so profound in India that they have lost thererespect for the country...If you wana copy the west then please copy it completely..look and learn how they respect thier national anthem
And if its so difficult for the people of India to stand for 46 secs as a mark of respectand without cribbing about the same,then i would like the authoritiesto stop playing the anthem in public places as sometimes it hurtsto see the plight of the people here.
I don't know whether i am a true Indian or not but i do know how to respect the values of the very reason of my existence,my country.
A concerned Indian.....