Sunday, January 3, 2010


Sufi Music and Mystic ....mmm...I am a avid music lover. I have an ear for anything and everything and anything with the 7 surs and the taals. Having heard so much music from all over the world and some of the finest compositions till date, I can say one thing for surely....the trance Sufi Music creates for you is not be compared.

I don't remember the time frame when I fell in love with this genre of music but the effect it leaves on me is one that of purity, sanctity and mysticism.

I went for the 6th Chapter of Ruhaniyat , an amalgamation of SUFI MUSIC and MYSTICISM.

Singers who probably don't understand half of the things the MC told on the stage but were as enthusiastic as they are really near to something so PURE that it makes us small entities before that aura. Singers who probably are less literate then you and me but more educated in terms of spreading the message given by Saints ages ago.

An appreciating audience which probably didn't understand a word of the songs but was swaying to the tunes of it.Yes, music has definitely got the power to cross borders without passports and conquer hearts and mind without the need of a struggle.

It was truly a great evening and it left us wanting more.
Probably the fast pace of the cities and the stress levels we undergo each day to survive was truly challenged by the purity and sanctity of the small yet powerful thing called MUSIC.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year 2010

Hmmm..another year gone...and what a year it was.
2009 started well for me ..a Promotion at the beginning of the year..more responsibilities at work front, no fun all work and then boom ....

Here come November and Man I am engaged....PHEWWWWWWWWWW...
So the year basically changed my status from SINGLE to Committed...and also added lots to ponder about , but yes added more friends to my list and I am happy about that.

2010 is gonna be one hell of a year...MARRIAGE, NEW JOB RESPONSIBILITIES and GMAT.