Friday, August 8, 2008

Exploring Thoughts .....

This is the list of the songs i love.....1. meraa kuchh saamaan tumhaare paas padaa hain 2. tum ko dekhaa, to ye khayaal aayaa 3. hothhon se chhu lo tum meraa geet amar kar do.....sometimes i think that why i like this songs.These songs touch me to the extent that i can spent the day listening to these three only.

Love makes you think all makes you realize this...dono..but would really want to explore here goes what is the outcome of exploring though my thoughts again....Life is important for me coz it leads to love.Love is imnportant coz its the source of very existence of everyone.Now lets go one by one on the songs ...

1. Merra kuch Saamaan tumhaare pass --- My favourite part of the song is "ek so solaah channd ki raatein,ek tumhare" this song is really near to me ,bringing memories so close to heart.Love hurts everytime i think about that.It hurts evrytime i think about the time spent together..good memories.Learnt a lot from past experiences and still not able to implement them.I still feel that i am lost in this ground.Torn between the hypothetical love and the harsh realities of the LOVE.Love hurts either you fall or drown....still i would love to explore the feeling once more.

2. tum ko dekhaa, to ye khayaal aayaa -- kahin aahat si huyi tere aane ki,aur dil ne maan liya ki bahar aa gayi....jab der talak aaya na tu ,to humne jaan liya ki patjadh hai........tum aaye aur chale gaye..dikhayi diye aur ojhal ho gaye ;pal bhar ke liye laga meri kismat par muskura doon par phir dil hi ghayal ho gaya.....what i am wrting ....don't know sometimes don't understand these things...feel like i am so ignorant...away from the truth that is life.the harsh realities of it.Want to run away...sometimes feel like standing in the middle of the desert so very craving for company and not being able to get even a dog for the same.Sand ,Sand everywhere ..i stand among the same..looking for a hope that is yet to come .....pondering over the life that was ...trying to remember was it a dream or the truth.Dreams....what are they ...what gonna happen in the future or the remains of the past we had....dreams,no wonder we ponder on them so much.Looking at the time that is ahead,i feel like i need a break....Final point being ythe moment i saw you ...i knew you were for me....but took me ages and ages to say that..and that lead to this or that.Oof so many this and that...i leave me with a question i still love thy.

3. hothhon se chhu lo tum meraa geet amar kar do -- my fav line in this song is "tum haar kai dil apna meri jeet amar kar do"but what is winning,is it loosing honestly and with dignity...who can be termed as who is betrayed in love or one who betrays....who is termed as who hides for the sake of good or one who tells the truth.Everything is so relative........ so unclear............confuses me .....more on exploring more...will this stop ever...this exploring,,,,,,,,who knows..probably you:)

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Guns and Roses

Looking into the your eyes, sometimes i wonder Is my life a thing beautiful enough to ponder.

Looking at the sky makes we wonder, is it a dream or an illusion at the horizon, so many things going on in the life so small of mine.

Nobody ever told me its so difficult, leaving all the memories behind, its like taking a bullet right at the heart.

Though you will never know how it feels , to take the pain, I will be the one suffering in the shadows....................................

Love was like a bed of roses, and then the memories are the guns I keep beside me ....looking over the life I had with you , feel like bullets hitting me at random.

Hence I wrote this one thinking of the roses that was LOVE and the GUNS I carry the caricature of something that is so far away and long gone