Monday, December 1, 2008

Dreams and Journeys....

Went to the bed dizzy with excitement.Excitement of the memoirs of the journey i had completed. Journey of a lifetime, journey starting from the foothills of the niligiris and ending at the highest peak "Dodabetta Peak". The view from the dodabetta peak was like watching the clouds talking to the mountain peaks and deciding on the ethereal look that will be presented to the viewers.

And I dreamt the whole journey once again.This was the best way i could had celebrated my new year, watching the star studded nights and the taking in the fragnances of the eucalyptos.When we took that first wheel into the territory with tea gardens the long eucalyptos trees swayed along with the wind which was saying welcome , reminding me of the fairy tales with talking trees.It was as if the trees were wishpering something into my ears.

The train journey to Conoor or the boating experience in the Ooty lake, or watching the sunset at the rose garden, nothing can beat the thougts and the feeling that arose at that moment.

Best part of the journey was the stop at the piakara falls, gaint waterfall downstream and a pleasant flow if crystal clear water upstream with the rocks and the trees placed just so very perfectly. The camping at the river side and the campfire till the last hour.

And this dream will continue for i don't know how many more days.The lush green tea gardens and the crystal clear atmosphere.As my dream came to a end, here i am planning for the next trip to the heaven to celebrate this new year, because somebody has said it so correctly " Life is an endless journey"


What does demented mean? The first question that comes to one's mind.Don't you think that it means something which is not good.Or probably something which takes away all the cheer we have...yes this word has been picked up by me from "harry potter" what does it mean? Demented as the word suggests means being a victims of dementors...What are dementors? They are beings who take away all the good memory you have and fill you with sadness.Now why do i mention them here is because I wanted an analogy between the terror attacks and something which is as bad as that.So I found this comparison the apt one to have.
Dementors are beings which suck all the happy memories a person has and a person only remembers the sorrows and the miseries of life.
Thats what happens when the terrorists attack, they shatter all the happiness we have , they leave us with a sense of insecurity and fear of the unknown.When now i start from my house , i never know whether i will come back alive or never return,even my parents tell me not to venture out.
Why am i leaving in such a fear, this is my country and i leave as if i am a refugee here.Is this the price we pay for choosing our leaders.Whats the solution for all this. Its high time we sit and think about the options we have.This is my country and I have all the rights to own it.No outsider will make me live under fear in my own "WATAN".
Here's some expression which i wanted to share:

"Khuli Ankhon se bhi ,dekhte hain khwab ,
Ke nayee subah jaroor ayegi
har sans se nikalti hey yahin dua
ke aman aur shanti jaroor chayegi"

Saturday, November 15, 2008


What am i doing here today...actually lost in my thoughts and ideas.....what do i want from my life....."nothing" says a voice from within and the head growls "shut up!!!".."you want to achieve and if failed than perish" What do i listen to? Join the rat race of which leads to nothing? Or leave everything and run away from the shadows of the past, "running wayward isn't the solution", says a voice again.

There is a voice screaming to come out and engulf my whole existence, too many failures ...failures are ladders to success but am i even trying that?

Questions haunting me and try to find answers ...where will i end my journey at..end up being some looser who took birth and died and nobody knew or die a death to be remembered till a century......ok not a century but atleast some years.....

Lost Soul................

Sunday, September 28, 2008


Looking at the stars,here is what I think.......
Oh dark night what message do you bring ,

Why have you sent your messangers to me.
Behold oh gracious lady, look at the stars

And say what your heart wants,
What you want to share with your beloved.
I have been looking at the road

Waiting to hear the sound of the hoofs.
Every morning ,my eyes on the lonely roads,
Waiting that you will come riding the white horse
Taking me off my feet.
Make me a cindrella.
With these thoughts the sun sets beyond the horizon,
here comes the stars again send by the dark night to give you this message.
Oh beloved when you open your eyes and look at the dark night it will have a message for you.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Rendezvous with the clouds

This one should have come 3 years back...gosh...long...miss my buddies....this one for themAfter a lot of planning, discussing, and fighting over the choice of location for a weekend trip, we group of friends) finally decided to visit Raigarh...

The next day, in spite of heavy monsoons and some deadly premonitions to avoid visiting Raigarh during this season, we were on our way by 7:30 am. The view during our drive was truly mind blowing. Clouds floated on top

 of mountains and the temperature gradually fell as we moved towards a higher altitude. There were mini waterfalls on the sides of the road along with massive trees that had fallen by due to the windy conditions.

We reached the district of Raigarh at around 12.30 pm. It was pouring heavily and cold. The raging monsoon could do little to dampen our spirits, and we moved forward towards our destination. As the journey prevailed we came across one of the most difficult roads that we could have expected. The road was marred by fallen rocks and one side being the mulshi dam reservoir.

We reached the foothills of the Raigarh fort at around 3:00, and it was all deserted. The thought that came to our mind was that probably the rope way will be not running and our whole journey was just futile. To our relief and gods grace the ropeway was working and we took two of them and started our journey .About some meters above the ground the only thing that was visible was clouds and us. Yes the trolley was lost between the clouds and we were not aware of the destination.

Finally the trolley struck something hard and came to a halt.It was raining cats and dogs; we entered the gate of the fort. We took the guide which was provided for us by the authorities and started the journey towards history. Amidst dense clouds and heavy downpour we saw the parts of the fort which made us look more closely into the past that was so culturally rich and prosperous. We stood at the place where coronation of Shivaji happened and felt we were so small before the great personalities, who once ruled this country. Getting drenched from head to toe while standing on the premises we had a refreshing cup of tea. Than we visited the Grave of the Great Shivaji and his dog as well. Its said that dog jumped into the pyre of shivaji. So faithful was the animal towards his master

There was a nip in the air when we started at 5:00 pm. We were all shivering, our teeth chattering in different tunes. Around 7:00 pm the visibility was almost reduced to zero as we were surrounded by clouds on all sides. One point the vehicle came to a sudden halt and we saw that we were just an inch away from certain death, as the vehicle was just beside the edge of the road and about to fall. Thanks to our experienced driver, we reached Pune safely, absorbing the beauty of nature as the stars welcomed us back to civilization. The memorable trip had finally come to an end. But the enchanting memory still remains

Friday, August 8, 2008

Exploring Thoughts .....

This is the list of the songs i love.....1. meraa kuchh saamaan tumhaare paas padaa hain 2. tum ko dekhaa, to ye khayaal aayaa 3. hothhon se chhu lo tum meraa geet amar kar do.....sometimes i think that why i like this songs.These songs touch me to the extent that i can spent the day listening to these three only.

Love makes you think all makes you realize this...dono..but would really want to explore here goes what is the outcome of exploring though my thoughts again....Life is important for me coz it leads to love.Love is imnportant coz its the source of very existence of everyone.Now lets go one by one on the songs ...

1. Merra kuch Saamaan tumhaare pass --- My favourite part of the song is "ek so solaah channd ki raatein,ek tumhare" this song is really near to me ,bringing memories so close to heart.Love hurts everytime i think about that.It hurts evrytime i think about the time spent together..good memories.Learnt a lot from past experiences and still not able to implement them.I still feel that i am lost in this ground.Torn between the hypothetical love and the harsh realities of the LOVE.Love hurts either you fall or drown....still i would love to explore the feeling once more.

2. tum ko dekhaa, to ye khayaal aayaa -- kahin aahat si huyi tere aane ki,aur dil ne maan liya ki bahar aa gayi....jab der talak aaya na tu ,to humne jaan liya ki patjadh hai........tum aaye aur chale gaye..dikhayi diye aur ojhal ho gaye ;pal bhar ke liye laga meri kismat par muskura doon par phir dil hi ghayal ho gaya.....what i am wrting ....don't know sometimes don't understand these things...feel like i am so ignorant...away from the truth that is life.the harsh realities of it.Want to run away...sometimes feel like standing in the middle of the desert so very craving for company and not being able to get even a dog for the same.Sand ,Sand everywhere ..i stand among the same..looking for a hope that is yet to come .....pondering over the life that was ...trying to remember was it a dream or the truth.Dreams....what are they ...what gonna happen in the future or the remains of the past we had....dreams,no wonder we ponder on them so much.Looking at the time that is ahead,i feel like i need a break....Final point being ythe moment i saw you ...i knew you were for me....but took me ages and ages to say that..and that lead to this or that.Oof so many this and that...i leave me with a question i still love thy.

3. hothhon se chhu lo tum meraa geet amar kar do -- my fav line in this song is "tum haar kai dil apna meri jeet amar kar do"but what is winning,is it loosing honestly and with dignity...who can be termed as who is betrayed in love or one who betrays....who is termed as who hides for the sake of good or one who tells the truth.Everything is so relative........ so unclear............confuses me .....more on exploring more...will this stop ever...this exploring,,,,,,,,who knows..probably you:)

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Guns and Roses

Looking into the your eyes, sometimes i wonder Is my life a thing beautiful enough to ponder.

Looking at the sky makes we wonder, is it a dream or an illusion at the horizon, so many things going on in the life so small of mine.

Nobody ever told me its so difficult, leaving all the memories behind, its like taking a bullet right at the heart.

Though you will never know how it feels , to take the pain, I will be the one suffering in the shadows....................................

Love was like a bed of roses, and then the memories are the guns I keep beside me ....looking over the life I had with you , feel like bullets hitting me at random.

Hence I wrote this one thinking of the roses that was LOVE and the GUNS I carry the caricature of something that is so far away and long gone

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Gods Own Island

Ok this one should have come long back. Probably last November. My first travel blog…….
It was as if the gods have opened their blessings in form of rains as I packed my stuff and started towards the airport to catch a flight to Kolkatta. A friend was kind enough to give me a lift till the airport. So crawling through the Friday evening traffic, blaring horns and smoky screens of the vehicle I eventually reached the airport. It’s high time we actually do something about the traffic; it’s so tough to reach the airport in the evening, takes you forever and you will either turn deaf or end up being a statue sitting idle for the traffic to let you move. Traffic sense apart, finally I checked in and as usual the flight being late started reading a book. I boarded the flight at 09:30 pm and looking out of the window as the flight took off ,I felt like I was seeing the city from the eyes of the god. So beautiful it looked the lights of the city and the vehicles and people around. I reached Kolkatta Airport around 11:30 pm the flight being 1 hour late...Indian standard time...and I checked out .Coming out of the airport i saw my dad and brother .We went to the hotel and i slept off quickly with dreams of seeing a island for the first time .Next day we boarded around 4:30 am and the flight took off at 5:00am.After an uneventful fight of 2 hrs, we could feel the flight loosing its elevation, and the view of heaven coming closer. Small patches of greens started to come up in the blue ocean. The greens being covered with clouds, it seemed as if the nature has taken whole lot of time to create the same.
We landed after a delay of half a hr due to bad weather conditions. And as we set our foot on this island i could feel a new excitement touch me on the prospects of seeing the beautiful beaches and the memoirs of the freedom struggle that the island holds for the visitors. The mystic mountains and the secrets of the ocean and the green patches all welcoming us with their mysticism
We checked in and the first day started with the tour of the nearest island from Port Blair, Ross Island
Once the seat of British power and capital of these Islands, it stands now as a ruin of the bygone days with the old structure almost in debris. A small museum named 'Smritika' holds photographs and the other antiques of the Britishers relevant to these islands. A church stands tall among the ruins reminding us of the past glory that the island had. With Japanese bunkers in the four corners of the islands, this really takes you to the Second World War and you feel the guns and the bombs....
It started raining and brought me back to the present and we ran towards the waiting boat. Next on the agenda was lunch, which we had the nearby seaside restaurant, a seafood delicacy starting from fishes, crabs and all. We moved back to the hotel to take a nap and this time we had some memories of the island that was now in ruins...Ross
Next on the agenda was the worst nightmare of the freedom fighters in the erstwhile struggle for independence days. Cellular Jail
Cellular Jail, located at Port Blair, stood mute witness to the tortures meted out to the freedom fighters, who were incarcerated in this Jail. The Jail, completed in the year 1906 acquired the name, ‘cellular’ because it is entirely made up of individual cells for the solitary confinement of the prisoners. It originally was a seven pronged, puce-colored building with central tower acting as its fulcrum and a massive structure comprising honeycomb like corridors. The building was subsequently damaged and presently three out of the seven prongs are intact. The Jail, now a place of pilgrimage for all freedom loving people, has been declared a National Memorial. The penal settlement established in Andaman’s by the British after the First War of Independence in 1857 was the beginning of the agonizing story of freedom fighters in the massive and awful jails at Viper Island followed by the Cellular Jail. The patriots who raised their voice against the British Raj were sent to this Jail, where many perished. Netaji Subash Chandra Bose hoisted the tri-colour flag to proclaim Independence on 30th December 1943 at a place near this Jail. The saga of the heroic freedom struggle is brought alive in a moving Son-et-Lumiere, shown daily inside the jail compound. It brought back the feeling of the pride for being the part of such a country which had given birth to such great men. With this feeling the day ended with a simple dinner and a sound sleep with dreams and sounds of the Sonnet coming to touch your souls.

Next day was just a normal one, we roamed about in Port Blair, shopping in the local market and meeting local people. The museums and the monuments in the capital town of the Andaman and Nicobar Island are worth seeing, including the local beach. With the presence of some rare flora and fauna, you feel loosing yourself in the scenic beauty of the blue, green seas.
Last day in the island. We woke up early as we had to rush to the harbour, to catch the ship to Havelock. The Island about 38 Kms. from Port Blair, provides idyllic resort in the lap of virgin beach and unpolluted environment. The way to the beaches in Havelock passes through a narrow road .The road is covered with thick green forests and the tropical rain forests made me think why don’t directors don’t choose this for the shooting of some movies. But, it’s good that the island is still untouched. The raw nature is so mystic, so ethereal in itself….
The Radhanagar beach reminded me of the beaches we often see on discovery channel. The serene beauty of the nature at its best, white sands green beaches and the surrounding hills, the water coming and kissing my feet ,I lost in the …..I leave that to you. No words, how beautifully written could describe what went through my mind standing on the shore.
The following day while leaving for the airport, I was missing the island and the people there already. They touched my heart so much that I am taking home so many memories of such ethereal moments spent in the Gods Island
Now the great question...why i term this as God's Island ...well the nature at its best,the untouched beaches,the tropical forests,the coral islands,the lush green forests,the beautiful monuments,and the amazing people...not to forget the great food.What do i call it than....To explore the whole of the islands,you need 30 days and three days are just a beginning of my journey.The three best days of my life.I will definitely go back to the island and explore more and watch this space for more on these serene islands...............................

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Random Thoughts

My mom told me their are no shortcuts to hard work.And frankly speaking i used to believe the same till i joined the professional world.I followed every thing that she told,never utter a harsh word,never discuss anybody when he/she is not present.Then i become a big girl taking my own decisions ,having the independence both monetarily n all other fronts.I joined the professional world filled with angst,jealousy...etc...Then i thought of the sins in todays world.And it brought back memories of my childhood.How is it that a innocent child is turned into a vicious person with so much of anger within him/her.Why is it that we fall to such a level that the person looking out of the mirror is so distorted a image that its hard to believe what we are seeing in front of us.

Indulging ourselves in the cruel ocean of greed ,envy.This life has been what is called always off the books.Now when i stand and look at the past life i had with my was heaven.Playing ,singing,dancing and finding happiness in even small things like a chocolate.Finding happiness in the sun set,in the music that nature plays.

Life has really given us enough to be happy about and still we are sad.we are unhappy about our lives and give excuses like "We are not GOD" to take all that and not utter a word.Do we even have the slightest idea what is GOD.Who is GOD.

It is said that God is never born.It is there in you and me.It’s your Karma and energy, which is worshipped, and people hail you as God or as an incarnation of God. But is that possible in Kalyug wherein the seven deadly sins lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy, and pride have made humans to look for short cuts to power, wealth and success following non-moralistic ways?

Yes its true...when you stop flowing with the current you are termed as extraordinary.When you say in a group that you don't agree you are termed as Courageous.But then what is courage? Helping people out in pain or having the guts to go against everyone and prove your point.Both are forms of courage.....I remember a friend of mine had a oneliner on her profile in gmail said "Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrow." How true is this statement on courage.Its really that.The courage to try again even after failures.The courage to accept things as they come.When you let things happen ,nothing goes wrong.And what matters in the end is .....happiness.Dono know if you argue on that ...but its actually happiness which matters the most .....

So i leave myself with this question for now....will still try to explore how and why? sometime later may be......