Saturday, November 15, 2008


What am i doing here today...actually lost in my thoughts and ideas.....what do i want from my life....."nothing" says a voice from within and the head growls "shut up!!!".."you want to achieve and if failed than perish" What do i listen to? Join the rat race of which leads to nothing? Or leave everything and run away from the shadows of the past, "running wayward isn't the solution", says a voice again.

There is a voice screaming to come out and engulf my whole existence, too many failures ...failures are ladders to success but am i even trying that?

Questions haunting me and try to find answers ...where will i end my journey at..end up being some looser who took birth and died and nobody knew or die a death to be remembered till a century......ok not a century but atleast some years.....

Lost Soul................

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