Monday, December 1, 2008

Dreams and Journeys....

Went to the bed dizzy with excitement.Excitement of the memoirs of the journey i had completed. Journey of a lifetime, journey starting from the foothills of the niligiris and ending at the highest peak "Dodabetta Peak". The view from the dodabetta peak was like watching the clouds talking to the mountain peaks and deciding on the ethereal look that will be presented to the viewers.

And I dreamt the whole journey once again.This was the best way i could had celebrated my new year, watching the star studded nights and the taking in the fragnances of the eucalyptos.When we took that first wheel into the territory with tea gardens the long eucalyptos trees swayed along with the wind which was saying welcome , reminding me of the fairy tales with talking trees.It was as if the trees were wishpering something into my ears.

The train journey to Conoor or the boating experience in the Ooty lake, or watching the sunset at the rose garden, nothing can beat the thougts and the feeling that arose at that moment.

Best part of the journey was the stop at the piakara falls, gaint waterfall downstream and a pleasant flow if crystal clear water upstream with the rocks and the trees placed just so very perfectly. The camping at the river side and the campfire till the last hour.

And this dream will continue for i don't know how many more days.The lush green tea gardens and the crystal clear atmosphere.As my dream came to a end, here i am planning for the next trip to the heaven to celebrate this new year, because somebody has said it so correctly " Life is an endless journey"

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