Monday, April 27, 2009

Twilight Series....

A very fresh start to the new philosophical talk advices or no questions...just some gibberish:
Recently I happened to pick up the series of books by Stephanie Meyers...the Twilight series, the eternal love story of the fragile human "Bella Swan" and the seductive vampire "Edward Cullen". And frankly speaking I never thought that it will bind me so much in the magical love story that I will end up being the series fan and fall in love with the characters and even the movie and the OST.
My favourite in the movie being Bella's Lullaby:
The lyrics are
"Life was like a moonless night, Shrouded in the stars, Beauty can be such a fright, But now you're in my arms.
You are my life nowCan't you seeI'd cross oceansI'd swim seasTo be with youThat's enough for me.
Your face is like a poison, Intoxicating me, How can we live forever, When our love can never be.
You are my life nowCan't you seeI'd cross oceansI'd swim seasTo be with youThat's enough for me."
This is a piano number and its mermersing the way it engulfs you in this dreamy love story .
The series consists of four books:
Twilight inspired by Jane Austen's "Pride and Prejudice"
New Moon inspired by "Romeo and Juliet"
Eclipse inspired by "Wuthering Heights"
and Breaking Dawn inspired by "A Midnight Summer's Dream".
My favourite in the series being "New Moon"....probably because it has the confusion of Bella to whether hold on to the painful memories of Edward or let go and start afresh with Jacob who is deeply and madly in love with her.How true is this?We tend to strive for the love of someone who left us rather than beinghappy with the person who is still there and loves us.
Next one to be my favourite is "Twilight" the book that started it all...the strange love story of the prey and the predator...the lion and the lamb.The music which was given by Carter Burwell is ethereal and it suits so much the love story.
Next is "Breaking Dawn"..the last book of the series....transition of the fragile Bella Swan to the powerful and invincible Bella Cullen who can go to any extent to save what belongs to her.
Last one is "Eclipse" , didn't leave much impact but it was also well written.

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